Volt Mobile Wireless


Founded by a team of telecom experts, Volt Mobile Wireless hired Launch in Five to up level their online presence. We redesigned their brand identity and built a comprehensive website that clearly communicates the benefits and features of their Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Because of their diverse audience, it was important that the website be accessible to all.

A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone display various screens of the Volt website, showcasing its features like free talk, text, and data services. The background and interfaces mainly use blue and yellow colors.

Logo Redesign

Logo rebranding from Volt Mobile Wireless on the left, with a simpler, thin blue lightning bolt, to an updated Volt Mobile Wireless logo on the right, featuring a more colorful and dynamic lightning bolt in blue, orange, and yellow.
An orange lightning bolt graphic is displayed on a plain white background.
Three stylized letter "V" logos with lightning bolt designs. The first "V" is blue with a blue lightning bolt, the second is black with a gray lightning bolt, and the third is blue on the left and yellow on the right with an orange lightning bolt in between.
A tablet with the "Volt Mobile Wireless" logo is shown alongside its box and a 5G Volt SIM card. The box features an image of the tablet with a colorful app interface displayed on its screen. The tablet, box, and SIM card are arranged on a wooden surface.

Unboxing Video for use in Social Media Marketing and Homepage.

4K Video for About Page