Pergolas by Julie


An offshoot of Julie Orr’s successful landscape design business, Pergolas by Julie was established to promote the company’s exclusive line of shade solutions to other landscape design professionals. As a long-time client, Julie called on Launch in Five to  elevate her web presence with a greatly expanded website that showcases her new line of pergola products and provides a powerful platform for engaging her audiences.

A digital display showcasing a responsive website for a company offering pergolas, cabanas, and carports. The site is seen on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The homepage highlights testimonials, outdoor shade solutions, and commercial space customization.
Logo for "Pergolas by Julie" featuring an illustration of a modern pergola in light blue on a dark blue background. The text "Pergolas by" appears in uppercase letters on the left, and "Julie" is written in a large, elegant script font on the right.